International Touring Artist Services

We provide our clients with event management, venue consultancy, publicity and much more! We are uniquely equipped to provide our clients with a global cross-cultural perspective, introducing them to new and exciting opportunities. So let us help with your next entertainment venture.

International Touring Artists Services currently tours several of Australia’s Premier Artists including, Mental As Anything, The Radiators, Russell Morris, Daryl Braithwaite, and The Black Sorrows to name a few.

Artist Representation

All aspects of artist management, including promoting the artists' careers and running their business affairs.

Event Management

We can assist you in every facet of event management, no matter how big or small.


We can help with all of your band's publicity requirements.

Tour Logistics

Tour logistics isn't for the faint-hearted. We've taken care of the logistics for local acts right through to international touring artists.


We can help your band with all matters relating to promotion.

Management Consultancy

One of the key services we provide is management consultancy, ensuring your band is not only in receipt of every opportunity but also ensuring you're taken care of as a result.

Currently Touring

International Touring Artist Services are currently touring the following artists.

Mental as Anything

A popular urban myth concerns a group of art students who passed themselves off as a band in order to con the local publican into giving them a gig in exchange for free beer. The deception worked better than intended, and the group came to be known as Mental as Anything. Nearly three decades later, they are still loved by the public with their highly listenable, idiosyncratic brand of garage pop.

Their top ten Australian singles are ``If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?`` and ``Too Many Times`` (both from 1981), ``Live It Up`` (1985) and ``Rock and Roll Music`` (1988). Internationally, ``Too Many Times`` made the Canadian top 40 in 1982, and ``Live It Up`` peaked at No. 3 in UK, No. 4 in Norway, and No. 6 in Germany, after it featured in the 1986 Australian film ``Crocodile`` Dundee.

Mental as Anything still tour estensively today and have just released their latest ``5 Track EP.``

The Radiators

The rock ‘n’ roll road to stardom is a dangerous road indeed littered with the corpses of starry eyed hopefuls, wannabes, one hit wonders and jaded “if onlys”…while many bands self-implode before they even leave the garage, victims of classic clashing egos and personalities. Few survive.

One of these survivors is Australian band the RADIATORS who in 2013 celebrated 35 years together since their very first show.

The Radiators still tour extensively playing an average of 100 shows per year and the band’s fans young and old, still flock to grab a slice of living Aussie rock history and dance the night away to the great catchy songs and classic hits that make the RADIATORS a household name in Australia.

Bob ``Bongo`` Starkie

BOB’BONGO’STARKIE guitarist with the legendary SKYHOOKS performs the
classic songs and a few more that need to be heard, in a personal celebration of one
of Australia's most beloved bands. In between songs Bob shares Humorous
anecdotes and Insights into the inner workings of the SKYHOOKS.